Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday, No Progress!

My week with The Boy so I have little to report, but next week should be very productive. DH will be in CO. with the oldest DGS's for spring break skiing/snowboarding so I am a single lady for a week, yippee! No cooking, laundry or cleaning required.
 I do have another quilt to plan- a graduation gift. The young lady would like grey with black and cream accent. She chose this design that I think will work well in neutrals.
The pattern is in this issue of McCall's Quilting magazine
I made a grayscale version and I think it will work nicely.
I have appropriate blacks and creams in stash but need more grey! LOL, how odd that I decide to make a grey quilt then have requests for two more! I spent a while online at and found a few fabrics that may work. I will check locally first before I order, but I suspect I will still need to buy online. It is unfortunate for the local stores that in order to find the widest selection we often discover that we are better off letting our fingers do the work rather than our automobiles! And the savings in gas more than compensates for postage, e.g. to drive to the 35th. Avenue quilt store I would spend $7-8 in gas and that is just one store I would need to cover. These days I am more than ever sensitive to the need to reduce auto use to save $$$!
 A close up of the greyscale photo shows the detail of some of the fabric patterns. I think once I decide on each of the fabrics the quilt will go together fast.
With my recent purchase of the Circle Lord system for my longarm, I think I will use the Swirls templates. They quilt up like this.
Pretty cool, eh?


farmlady said...

This is VERY cool. I think that this quilt is wonderful . I love the pattern and that circle quilting will be perfect for this style.
Enjoy your week by yourself. Grandkids take a lot of physical and emotional energy. This will be your quiet and productive, "It's all about Roz." time. You deserve it.

GardenofDaisies said...

Gray is the new favorite neutral! A lot of young people are decorating with it. The swirls quilt design will look really nice with that. Enjoy your quiet week on your own.