Sunday, August 8, 2010

Black And white And Red All Over!

It must be my year for this color combination. One R W & Black quilt already completed and three more in the works, I think at least three more!

This is the SITP I sent to my friend Kate, Tatersmama, in May, and I liked it so well I thought I'd make another but with more red than black. I began with a few blocks but other more urgent projects took me in different directions the past month or so.
Our two older GS's need new bed quilts and when I asked about color, design etc, I found that both wanted black, white and red, Daniel's with the Knight's Cross in the center......

and Logan's with AZ Cardinal's logo. .......

Once I knew that, I began to add to my stash of these colors [now probably I will have enough for half a dozen quilts,LOL] and yesterday when BJ came to sew with me, I pulled out the second SITP project to take inventory and see what I could do to incorporate this design in Daniel's quilt, surrounding the Iron Cross with these blocks and whatever else I need to make a generous single bed size.
I wish that I had liked EQ enough to keep it because I know it's the perfect venue for this sort of designing, but maybe I can persuade Loretta to help me out! I do have a very simple piece of software for quilt design so perhaps I will see what I can do with it but the learning curve is such a waste of time-IMHO!
I stopped at Kinko's on my way back from the gym this evening and made enlargements of both the Iron Cross and the Cards logos because Tuesday I am sewing all day with friends in Chandler when I hope to begin work on the applique for these two quilts and tomorrow I have baby Matt so probably no opportunity to get to the print shop. My choice is never applique if I can avoid it but I doubt I have any other option for these two quilts. I am thinking about a 24" applique square in the middle of each quilt surrounded by whatever blocks and borders I come up with!
Here's what I have made to date of the SITP blocks:

Four 12" Monkey Wrench [or Snail's Trail] blocks

Four 12" large star blocks, two each of black on white and white on black

Fourteen of these 6" small star blocks, I might make two more of them.

And eight of these small four patches, they could be the basis for a larger block- at the moment I have no intentions of making more of the Snail's Trail. As with Kate's quilt these will be controlled scrappy, anything that appeals to me from my black, white and red assortment.
An odd thing happened in the middle of all of this, BJ invited me to take part in her QS project called "Bee Challenged".

The bag to which the directions was attached contained eight FQ's, would you believe black, white and red!

What a coincidence! I haven't yet decided if these will be part of Logan's quilt or more likely something quite separate, I need to make another baby boy quilt and they could work.
If anyone has ideas/suggestions I am all ears! BJ says I need to put them on a design wall but mine are small portables, not large enough, I only use them for watercolor quilts. I suppose a large design wall is something I should work on but I think I'd still like it to be something portable that could be stored out of the way when not in use.


orchidlover said...

Love all the Black. white and red's. Good luck with the applique on the quilts

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Tatersmama said...

I just posted a comment, but either I screwed up (not unheard of ;) or blogger did. Here's what I posted on the other post:

I can't wait to move back to California, so I can display this quilt - in all it's glory - the way it deserves to be displayed! In the meantime, I have it folded on the bed next to me, so I can reach out during the night and connect with 'our children'.
You will never, ever know just how much this quilt - and your friendship - means to me, Ros!
I love you dearly...

Michelle said...

Gorgeous quilt--and quilts in the making! Black, white and red is always a stunning color combination.