Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sewing Days With my Young Friends

A few posts back I mentioned how I had taken a young friend to the quilt shops to choose fabric for her wedding gift. I related how L had caught the dreaded Quilting Pox and promptly passed it along to the next generation.

I have a few pics to tell some of the story. They look pretty happy in the "Sweat Shop" don't they?!
The first month they managed to buy two sewing machines and fabric for their first three quilts.
So far L has constructed two tops,

this is her first, basted and ready to quilt.

This the second. Both are square and flat, a feat even for some more seasoned quilters and pretty amazing considering until about six weeks ago this young woman had never even operated a sewing machine!

As for S, last year she took a couple of semesters of Home Ec. and at 13 has taken to quilting like a duck to water!

Freehand quilting? No problem, she loves it!

And it shows!

Today her first quilt was basted ready for quilting, and with a little time to spare I gave her a quick introduction to longarming.

Oh my I think we may have created a problem, they have no spare room for a longarm!


Lis said...

Well done for passing on the addiction, they have done some brilliant work already.

article said...

Congrats! Now an addition to the community.It was really good work for a beginner. More power!
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Elaine Adair said...

So happy to hear you inspired the YOUNGER generation - good job, girl! And their quilts are just fine, as well as the free form quilting!