Monday, July 27, 2009


Recently I have become very interested in aprons, even bought a Cindy Taylor Oates book of vintage apron patterns.

Aren't they sweet? However, most of these require a lot of fabric around 2 yds & more- I think that's a lot of fabric for an apron!
But I am a messy sort of cook, I tend to end up with food splattered on my clothing & have a bad habit of wanting to wipe my hands on my clothes if I don't have a towel tucked into my waist. Wearing an apron therefore is a wise notion for me preferably a full length design!

Yesterday I sewed up this one that requires no pattern & took a total of 5/8 yd. of fabric, much more reasonable in my view.

Here is the basic lay out-I added a 4" wide strip WOF [width of fabric] of the coordinating fabric gathered onto the bottom. I ignored the full width pocket instructions-it wiukld have made the apron too short. I think it turned out very cute, I love these retro fabrics they sew up nicely for an effective combination in this quick & easy project. I'm wondering, should I add a pocket in the same fabric as the frill?
I plan to give it to my Secret Sister in my CO. quilting guild. Perhaps she is not as messy as I am!


Ruby said...

By all means, add a pocket! It's not an apron without a pocket. Just my opinion but that's what you asked for. Right? :)

I've recently found those sites that are crazy for aprons. I have always liked them but don't wear one. More of a good memory thing about Mom and Grandma.

Kim said...

Cute! Oh yes needs a pocket for hold a tissue at the very least.....every grandma has a tissue at the ready!

I have seen some really cute apron patterns lately too, they're back. Everything old is new again.

Happy Sewing

Reddirt Woman said...

I love my apron... never thought I would even bother, but this very special friend sent me one... I will have to get my brother to take a picture of me with it on so I can show it off. One of my most special treasures is an apron that my mom wore for years at Christmas-time. It has a pocket that has a little Santa doll in it and and mom always had a hankie or a tissue to wipe a child's face with... Aprons help to form memories, more than one could know.


Lindah said...

It really wouldn't be all that difficult to add a bib to that apron... for us messy types.

Dena said...

Ros, I love your apron. You could add a pocket if it's something you'd use. Otherwise, I think it looks fine the way it is. I had to laugh while reading your description of being a messy cook. I'm just like you, always wiping my hands on my clothes. It's a good thing I don't have a mirror to see my back-side. LOL

Sunna Reyr said...

Pockets are good if you remember to use them, come to that, aprons are also great, if you remember to use them. I have lots and lots of aprons, and always one on the peg in the kitchen, but to put them on... maybe once a month and I'm a really meshy cook.

I always admire my SIL when I see her in the kitchen, the first thing she does when she enters is putting on an apron, one made by me for her birthday years ago to replace the old one who had gone to rags.

ClassyChassy said...

Aprons seem to be quite the rage recently. I love the looks of them, too - so many different styles when you look at the old patterns. I would not use one, probably, but they are so pretty, and I love many of the old fabrics they are created with.