Saturday, April 11, 2015

To Border Or Not To Border!

It somehow looks unfinished to me but is that the way of the modern quilts, no borders?
I will ponder it - there is sufficient fabric for borders of some kind, what do you think?


Tatersmama said...

It's lovely, but I'm with you... I think a border would set it off perfectly. "Modern" is nice, but there's a reason why so many people stick to the traditional, don't you think?

Gari in AL said...

I agree, I think a border would be what I would do. I might even do two, one with your background fabric to "float" your blocks and the second to finish the quilt. I can't help it, I like to stick my 2 cents in.

Khristina aka Khris said...

I really like modern quilts but I do like borders. I make more modern quilts these days and I still haven't made one without a border.
Hugs Khris

vickie in nh said...

If you wanted to keep the 'modern' feel to it but really want it a bit bigger or just want a border - why not do it in the background fabric - it will make those 's' float and look great