Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Baptist Fan Quilting Design

I just replaced my broken iPad2 with an iPad Air and this is the first post to be constructed using the Blogger App. Little man destroyed the old unit, grabbed it and ran and when it flew out of his hands it bounced a couple of times on the tile floor then came to rest on the now shattered screen!
Argh. Guess it was time to update!
The old iPad never gave me the ability to post the way I wanted to and I am anxious to see if it can be done with the Air version, I am weary of toting the laptop whenever I travel.
 At first look the App is quite different from working directly with the Blogspot URL And I don't yet know how to manipulate the photos and text so more study is required!  
Baptist Fan is a terrific traditional quilting design I love to use on more traditional quilts like this king size quilt .
It's the third of four quilts I am finishing for the dear lady with ALS, and hanging in the loft as high as I can hoist it you can see by the way it drapes on the floor that it is a large KS.
I just love the way the design looks as simple as it is the result never fails to delight me. In the past I had managed a fairly decent freehand BF but when I decided to invest in the Circle Lord system my first purchase was the BF template and I can't say enough about how efficient, accurate and fast these make execution of this design. It gives wonderful movement to the quilting and does not distract from the pattern of the quilt but rather enhances it, the goal of most longarm quilters.
The backing is a plain muslin also a very traditional way to back quilts allowing the back to become a whole cloth quilt and easily used in reverse as a change from the pieced top - thread is neutral tone.
 The variation in color is solely due to lighting issues, there was a light on in the area the other side of the quilt and it showed through to the different colored blocks.
OK, so far I am not a fan of the Blogger App. which I have to use on the iPad because regular Blogspot editing software does not play nicely with the iPad. What I am finding with the App is that I cannot alter the size and position of the photos and I can't seem to get the full post editing page up. I went back to the laptop to tweak the post to make it prettier but when I am away from home next week I will not have that luxury!
Some of these issues may be operator error, I haven't had a chance to read up on the App to get the full benefits, that will be a project for the next few days.

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