Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Longhorns And Bluebonnets, I know I Am In Texas!

This is Texas now in Spring so lush and green with wild flowers everywhere and the State flower looking particularly beautiful, the Bluebonnets are amazing.
I am here for a week to visit with a dear, long time friend, also a quilter in fact the person who really got me hooked!
We began this morning on our first project with two sets of templates a 9" and a 10", Leslie took the 9"  and I the 10 " and off we went on a cutting spree, which took longer than we expected.
Here is my friend hard at work, we did cut 30 blocks each and below was our progress by lunchtime.
 Mine are on the left and hers on the right they are looking very nice.
By bedtime we had a few sewn together. I made a couple of mistakes sewing the background on backwards then in spite of my errors Leslie did the same thing so there was a little ripping, always have to do a bit of ripping or you don't feel as if you are really quilting!
We are very happy with them and since we are inspired to move on we may set them aside to begin on a second project tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Quilt camp with a friend. The best. Have a great week. Dotti

cityquilter grace said...

gorgeous bluebonnets and stunning blocks....and quilting with a friend...priceless!

Andee said...

Beautiful Ros!