Sunday, November 9, 2014

Not So Lazy Sunday

I planned a quiet day for rest but it turned out a bit different to my plan! After church I went to the local Home Fabrics store where I purchase a lot of backings, because they have store wide sale as they are closing temporarily in order to renovate. It is a discount sort of place with mainly home dec. but they  usually have a good selection of WOW and white on cream, Kaufman, Timeless Treasures, Marcus Brothers and Cranston prints.
 Twenty eight plus yards for $63 with tax, not bad! It's predominantly backings with a few small cuts for the new Bonnie H mystery starting this month.
 Then onto the Apple store for a Genius Bar appt. to try and solve my iTunes issue where my music won't download to the new iPod. After about four frustrating hours and multiple techs it was decided to replace the device with a new one, I was about to faint by then, I had nothing but a cup of coffee the entire day, planning to eat before the Mac. appt but I ran out of time!
 I still cannot download my library books but I am told IOS 8 in iTunes doesn't play nice with the Overdrive Media software I use?
In the morning I will call the library and see if they can offer an alternative suggestion, meanwhile I have no audiobooks for the gym tomorrow. Drat.
After all that I decided I would treat myself with a new pair of boots so off to DSW to take advantage of my $20 coupon.

I looked around the store through hundreds of boots trying to find leather and NOT made in China and encountered these on the sale rack, probably last year's models? I don't have any short boots so I am pleased with these the color is good to go with almost everything.
They started out at $135, went on sale, extra % off, then with my coupon, ended up at about $35!  I dearly love a bargain and I think they're cute, they are comfortable and I am hoping for cooler weather to continue so I can wear them!
I hear there's an "arctic bomb" predicted for the north of the country beginning tomorrow so maybe a little will slide down to us, but y'all up north there stay safe and warm.
I will be home with The Boy tomorrow, JW called me late this afternoon on his way to the ER with the not-so-little fellow, turns out he has pneumonia. Unless he sleeps a lot tomorrow I will be busy trying to entertain him. I hope to go to the gym early before he comes.

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Andee said...

Sorry the little guy is sick..that is no fun! Hope he is on the mend soon. If I hadn't had suck a crazy insane day today I would have tried to get to that fabric store...I did managed to finish the stuff I really wanted to and the only thing I didn't get to was making the binding and getting it on the Packer quilts. All in all a productive day even though my ankle hurts and I am SO tired!