Wednesday, November 12, 2014

More Grandma Hannah Quilts

I think she has been stockpiling quilts because I received a box full! Here is the second another small one, kind of feminine colors too.
Pale lavender thread in an edge to edge [E to E] folk art flower design and QDAngel batting
Then this one I don't think I showed yet? Children always love animal quilts. Gold thread and another QD Angel batt. Next up is a larger scrappy squares quilt and I think I will try my new clam shell design.

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Cactusneedle said...

Love the green and purple! Very appealing. I am hoping to move back into my sewing room next week. The contractor is almost done!!!! I've been staying occupied with cross stitch, but need to do some quilting. I will have an 8 foot x 8 foot design wall! So excited. I plan to take some pictures before I move anything back in, just so I can remember it at it's neatest. lol