Saturday, November 8, 2014

It's Over………..

and I can get back to quilting-once I put everything away! I did sell a few quilts but not enough to relieve the critical mass state!
After I had unloaded the car and hauled everything upstairs and dumped it Angela and Kathy called. They were on their way home from Angela's mom's house and did I want to go to sushi? Well you don't have to ask me twice if I want sushi!  Teharu Sushi was on their way so we met there and were able to unwind and de-stress from our labors and enjoy the healthy, yummy food and good company. We each have a member of our family with autistic type issues so there's always lots to share along with QUILTING, which we could talk about all day long!
I was able to deliver Angela's two little Packer quilts for her nephews so she can get them bound among the myriad of other quilty tasks that lady manages to complete! You have to check her blog, I get worn out and confused just trying to keep up with all her achievements, take a look at her "Works in progress" and see if you don't agree!
Almost makes me feel like a bit of a slacker!


joanne said...

such beautiful work, too bad you had to bring some home. Maybe a little closer to the holidays? best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Slacker! That word should not be in your vocabulary! The amount of quilts you had for sale was phenomenal. Not to mention the QOV you have contributed. Girl you are amazing. Glad you had a great visit and time to unwind. Just what you needed. Dotti

Andee said...

When describing you, slacker is not a word I would ever use! LOL. You crack me up Ros!