Monday, July 13, 2009

Quilting In The City

When I am in AZ. during the summer, brief visits usually, I try to get as many tops quilted as I can. Then when I return to the mountains I bind them & work on design & piecing more.
This time around in the city I quilted two of the vintage tops I got on eBay & a small UFO top that looks like rain forest to me. Three more quilts almost complete!

This first vintage bow tie quilt is very thin fabrics, mostly feed sack I suspect, so I decided to quilt it with an all-over meander, couldn't think of any other very simple design that would be age appropriate. I haven't all-over meandered a quilt since the very early days with my longarm, it's mindless quilting & allows for a lot of stabilizing of the hand-pieced seams. Oh yes, both of these are hand-pieced. There is a stain down the left side but the quilt hasn't yet been laundered & I'm thinking/hoping, a dose of Oxyclean will take out the stain.

The second is a different setting of a very scrappy bow tie, more colorful & sturdier, possibly a later vintage? I had a bit of an issue with the wavy borders, one in particular I decided I couldn't live with. I removed most of that side border & took out a couple of inches of excess fabric & re-attached the border. Both my Pfaffs are in CO. so I pulled out the trusty little pale green 40's Featherweight. I quilted this one with a freehand Baptist Fan design, goes fast & is very appropriate for the era I think. It's another design that helps to strengthen the hand sewn seams.

And here's a close up, you can see the freehand Baptist Fan design.
Both of these old quilts have a traditional [wide] bleached muslin for backing.

This is the little quilt that reminds me of a rain forest so I quilted the center with leaves & lizard type critters & the borders just with leaves.

I have at least another day with my LA so I'm trying to decide which quilt is next, I have plenty from which to choose!


Cheryl Willis said...

I was in the mood for seeing bow-ties- thanks for sharing and thanks for finishing these beauties! cw

Kim said...

Love the vintage stuff.....makes you wonder where they have been all these years and the dreams of the hands that made them.

You've been a busy's the heat?

Happy sewing