Thursday, October 14, 2010

Finished For Friday

I am linking up with Finished For Friday.
Friday is the end of the work week for many and not just for those who work outside the home. The weekend can bring a more relaxed life, or a busier time for those with children and spouses and all kinds of extra activities.
Either way it's fun on Friday to celebrate what we have accomplished during the week!

Another of Andee's quilts came off the longarm and is ready to deliver to her on Saturday. It took me about two hours to "bury the tails" on this quilt after the quilting was done.

Custom quilting usually requires a lot of stops and starts leaving threads hanging - sometimes it's possible to simply snip some of them off, depending on the quilting and the thread used.

It's quilted with leaf wreaths in each block and leaves trailing around the borders and in the sashings. It can be a challenge to decide just what design to use to compliment the piecing but the leaf motif came to mind fairly quickly as I pinned the quilt onto the leaders.

The batting is Quilter's Dream "Dream Angel", genetically engineered to be non- flammable, lovely to quilt and it drapes nicely. The threads I used are SewFine on top and Bottom Line in the bobbin, both by Superior Thread company.
I prefer the time consuming method of threading the tails back into the quilt "sandwich", it's neater and more secure. There were a lot of thread tails on this quilt which is why it took me two hours!


Khris said...

Very nice quilting Roslyn...and I love your little apprentice...hugs Khris

farmlady said...

Just beautiful Ros. You will bee happy to know that I'm learning to knit and crochet. I'm changing my hobbies from gourds to yarn.... and may even venture into quilting down the road. You have been part of the inspiration.
Lovely quilts....

Gari said...

The last time I threaded thread tails I thought I would never get done. Every time I thought I had done them all I would find another. ;-)

Michelle said...

Andee's quilt has such a simple, but very striking design. Your quilting is perfect for it.

Miri said...

Beautiful! I just love Andee's sashing and your quilting is wonderful-those leaves are just gorgeous.

LOL!! I also bury my thread ends and while I used to think binding was the worst part of quilting I now think this is! :)....One of the times I listen to an audiobook.

Heather said...

Great job. Thanks for including those extra details such as thread types and burying the thread as opposed to snipping.