Friday, July 1, 2016

Paying It Forward..........

Or something like that! I have been saying that the quilts are taking over our house, and I decided I would like to have family and friends enjoy them now, they have aged sufficiently!
Besides, it gives me an excuse/I made room for more creations, right?
So in addition to the two that went to Australia I decided to document where a few others have found new homes in the past month!
 The Grand Illusion quilt went to eleven year old great niece, the last quilt I made her was for her smaller bed but this one will fit the queen bed she now has. She loved the colors so I said she should have it. I will be able to sleep under it when we visit them in Boston next week and she lends us her bedroom.
The pieced backing
My Blue Heaven below, went to the same home for the guest bed in the new addition, perhaps I will sleep under this one during our winter visit!
 The quilt below I chose especially for a very dear friend with a very serious health issue
 One DIL chose the quilt below to cuddle under on her couch
Another DIlL chose the next two, one for the Phx. home and the other for their cabin in the mountains
Newest DIL loves one of my more recent creations with a very modern quilting design. It is one of my own favorites so I am happy to see her enjoy it.
And this bright and cheerful quilt went to a friend in her recent courageous and successful battle with breast cancer.
So much space now to make more quilts although the next few in the plan already have designated owners, KS quilts for wedding gifts. But at least now if I feel like making a quilt "just because" there is room for it.
Do you feel a need to justify your craving for creation.

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Heather said...

How wonderful to share the love. Quilts are full of so many hugs and cuddles.