Sunday, October 26, 2014

Finished For……………...

What was supposed to be Finished For Friday turned out to be finished for Saturday about midnight!
All of those labels made and attached to thirty seven quilts, whew, I am so happy that is done and I have made a commitment to keep up in future. We shall see…...
First stack hanging over the longarm awaiting "bagging"…………
a large tote overflowing………….
a second tote overflowing……..
and three bags full!
The big now challenge will be transporting and displaying them all at set up on Thursday November 6th in a 5x10 foot area, I am planning to ask a friend or perhaps a grandson to help with that. I only have a very small area with two tables so some quilts may have to be stacked under the table, I will see when I get to the venue and can decide on a final plan. I will be posting pics from the bazaar.
I believe that I have earned a day off tomorrow from this chore so I hope to get back to my longarm, I have filled two large suitcases with the quilts I cleared off the machine and it is calling my name!

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