Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Finishes

Anyone remember a blogger who each Friday had a link for crafters etc. to show off whatever they had accomplished? I think it was called "Finished For Friday" and it has not been active for a long time but I miss it and have been going it alone for a while now so I thought I would begin one on my own blog. It will be called "Friday Finishes" and this week I will be getting together a linky and a button-as soon as I figure out how to do that- I have a couple of blogger friends I can beg for help, Heather over at "Books And Quilts" will know, I can ask her!
So check in on Fridays and please add your blog and let us know whatever you have been working on, quilting, sewing, needlework,painting, canning you name it! I find it so satisfying to accomplish a task or just to talk about my progress, it spurs me on to further effort so I don't get bogged down.
This is my Friday Finish, one of the retreat tops. Well, it still needs binding and I have to dig out some fabric for that.
 In the pieced backing the quilting shows up in the blue, the thread is a cream. It's an easy freehand, my friend Loretta calls it Peacock Feathers but some call it Paisely. It can look quite different depending on the shape and size of the motif, longer like this or fatter more round when it looks like a shell. This one has a bit of a curl and seems more like paiseley to me, I just vary it according to my mood. I also like to use it very tiny for background fill, or much larger for a more open design. It is very nice, quick and easy quilting and generic, good for a man or a woman.
I already have another quilt loaded for tomorrow while DH works on the bathroom vanity install. I can't wait to get all my "stuff" back into drawers and out of the boxes in my walk-in closet, it gets old in a hurry, having to dig around everyday in boxes on the floor for all those personal necessities we women use! I am hoping that the granite top will be in the end of next week, fingers crossed! 

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LynCC said...

What a pretty quilt, Roslyn. Really nice autumns and blues together. :)