Thursday, September 4, 2014

Big Bear Lake Retreat, Day 2

Day 1 we did not begin to sew until mid afternoon by the time we drove all the way up, checked in and unpacked all of our sewing supplies.
However, I did get the blue binding on the blue and white quilt, another one done!
Today I power walked 30 minutes before breakfast then got started on this starry quilt, but after a few hours and resewing after undoing a lot of strips, I became bored with the little nine patches, so I packed it away and took out another kit not nine patches.
These HST blocks completed I packed up for the night and I will tackle the other blocks tomorrow.
Thirteen of us …...
 and yes, those are garage doors you see because we are sewing in a garage!
 A fourth of the group decided it was too crowded so they moved their machines etc upstairs,
 by the kitchen! You know that retreats are all about the food,LOL
 Sherrill's Churn Dash
 Another Sheryl [far left] gave a little tut on this rug/candle mat.
 Susie's modified Churn Dash.
 Tut #2 by Meredith, far right, these are Swiffer dusters replacements made from scraps of recycled fleece, they are washable too- I think I might spray mine with Endust.
 Debbie's delightful modern quilt
 Barbara's blocks
 Retreat favors offered by Meredith, trash bags for our vehicles, they are clever, a large button sewn to the top edge keeps the bag from sliding out of the glove box. I will get a pic of one in place tomorrow.
 Elaine is making I Spy Jar quilts for her grandchildren
Meredith has competed blocks for a Wounded Warrior quilt, the first row is completed.

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Anonymous said...

What fun.. Your projects are so varied and so many. It should be a great week.