Friday, August 8, 2014

Just For Fun Friday!

Making all those wild chicken pincushions reminded me of when I was a child and my uncle raised "fancy" bantam chickens. So I went on a nostalgia internet search and came up with what seems to be an infinite number of crazy looking chicken!
For your amusement and entertainment here are some of the whackiest!
 Some are barely recognizable as chickens, many defy description.
Bad blow dry!
Tried a baldness cure!
Hairdresser got carried away with the color!
Needs a haircut!
Maam, is that a flower on your head?
Bad hair day!
Stuck her claw in the light socket?
 Cross between a poodle and a chicken?
 Owl or chicken?
I hope that these have given you a few chuckles and a good start to your weekend!
Happy Friday.


Andee said...

I had no idea there are so many varieties of chickens! Too cool!

Gari in AL said...

That was fun.