Sunday, July 20, 2014

Week At The beach

Today we left the beach cottage after a week of surf and sand! Only one day of rain the rest were perfect.
Most of these pics were taken either from the porch or on the porch. The boat nearest the shore has our family on board, nephew towing the riders in turn on the inner tube.
Monday evening we had a seafood feast.
Two of the biggest lobsters, the one on the left about seven pounds, nephew said was likely about 60 years old, it takes a long time for them to grow. Both of these came from a professional fisherman in Nova Scotia.
 Oops, guess the big ones will not fit in this pot!
Ready to eat!
Whew, that's a big claw, would not want to get any body part caught in it!
 Some of the steamed clams, I think we had five pounds.
My lobster is the one behind the pink cup!
 Sadly, the beach vacation is over!

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Andee said...

Looks like a really nice relaxing time!