Thursday, October 11, 2012

Another Vintage Applique Quilt

Another UFO done, except for the binding which I will have to purchase. I want to frame the quilt with one of the solids from the sashing and solids are not something I keep, except for black and white. Hopefully I can find something suitable at one of the local quilt shops.  These are vintage fabrics, 40's or 50's I would guess but surely I can find something solid/ or that reads as a solid in either pink or purple close enough to blend for binding.
P.S. Upon further investigation, mostly in my "Dating Fabrics" book, it appears this quilt is more likely 30's origin. The solid color fabrics are very typical of those shown for the period 1910-1935.
Here is a page from "Dating Fabrics: A Color Guide 1800-1960". The three fabrics on the bottom row and the yellow/gold above them are the same colors as used in this quilt.They are somewhat faded in the quilt because I [foolishly] laundered it before quilting to remove some of the dirt and the colors ran,  the pink worst of all!
Fortuitously all the fulness in the blocks and around the bias edges of the setting triangles quilted out without a tuck anywhere, a huge blessing at any time.
 I always love the look of a simple backing, with a nice quilting design I think it makes the quilt reversible.
This was fun to quilt and really not too labor intensive though I am paying the price for being at it too long yesterday by lying flat on my back most of the week with the heating pad! I will be really happy to get the surgery behind me so I can get back to the way I like to live!


LynCC said...

It looks so nice now. :) It also really reminds me of the tulip quilts my grandmother loved making. Have you already found a binding you like with it? Surely there's a Kona that would match well.

Andee said...

Looks great Ros!

GardenofDaisies said...

I'm so sorry you are in pain. It will be a relief when everything is fixed. But your quilting sure turned out beautifully!!