Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Liebster Blog

 Thanks to my friend and fellow quilter/blogger Andee over at The Modern Diary  my blog has been honored with the Liebster Blog award, a recognition for inspiring blogs with less than 200 followers and I am honored to be considered.

In turn then I am able to pass the award to some blogs that I enjoy, and I am choosing;
2-Farmlady at Over Good Ground
3-Heather at Books And Quilts
5-Corina at CW Quilts

Now I need to go notify the recipients!


farmlady said...

Thank you for the award Ros. I take this as a high complement because I'm the only non-quilting blog that you honored. This was very nice of you.
I will continue to write and photograph the world that I love for others to enjoy. When you love where you live, it's an easy thing to do.
Thanks again.

imquilternity said...

That would make great fabric!!

Miri said...

Congrats! Your blog is really inspiring for me-your quilting sends to drooling from the computer.
and Thank you very much! :)

Andee said...

Whoot whoot!