Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Family Night

Son Andrew and wife Lana hosted a family dinner out for Veteran's Day to honor his Dad and brother's four plus decades of military service. We were able to enjoy the lovely Arizona Fall weather and eat on the patio at Babbo's so we did not disturb other diners with the [at times] rowdy family fellowship!
Thank you for this evening of family fun.
Sunday night we had another not so fun family evening out at John C Lincoln ER. Andrew was rushed there with a suspected major heart attack giving me almost a major heart attack. Thank God the cardiologist was able to identify the problem not as a heart attack but pericarditis [inflammation of the membrane around the heart]. However, the family lived through anxious hours until this was revealed to us and we are hoping our son will be home later today to return to full health shortly.
Cause of the inflammation is a virus, aetiology is unknown but we do not anticipate any further problems associated with this.
Thanks to God and great sighs of relief here from all of us!

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Furball Farm Quilting said...

What a fright! Hope he is finding his health soon enough, these kids are constantly worrying us aren't they?