Sunday, November 6, 2011

AZ Huggy Bunch

Although we missed Lauren [she was studying, working on her Master's] it was lovely to have BJ, Andee.....

her sidekick DJ, shown here modeling the Packer's cap Andee made for her brother, a vet tech.
Alissa came for a little while, she was working on cross-stitch Christmas ornament I think. Obviously her eyes are younger than mine, LOL, I had to give that up a long time ago-know anyone who wants about 100 skeins of embroidery thread?!

I didn't get a pic of BJ's project other than what you see in the first pic, but here's part of a tree skirt, one of four the ambitious Andee is making.

I managed to get one quilt bound, the little pink "Log Cabin With Attitude"......

and I have binding prepped for two more quilts but those are set aside until I get this commission quilt done.

A Blogger friend wants it for her sis and she gave me a specific color spectrum so I am endeavoring to stay within those parameters. It took a while to gather all the fabrics I thought I would need for this project and already I have rejected many as unsuitable! Watercolor quilts require a wide range of fabrics and because it's kind of like painting with little squares of fabrics, usually you don't know what you will need until the process is under way and even then it can change as you go along so you must be prepared with a wide variety.

I intend to add purples and greens to the design, maybe like these, and I am hoping to get the basic part done soon but unfortunately I don't have a large enough design space so I will have to construct it as I go. Many of the fabrics in this quilt are batik as those above.

In addition I am caring for young Matthew 4 days a week, about 10 hours/day for next couple of weeks, and there is no taking your eyes off the little scamp because he is very, very busy and into everything he should not be! He loves to get into my quilting tools which is absolutely a no-no, so of course it's exactly what he wants!

Then there's my other project, the kitchen renovation that I have been scheming and plotting and saving for and surfing the web for the best deals on granite sinks and new faucets, a chandelier etc. The tear down begins in little more than a week so that will be a mess for a few weeks but it is to be done by mid December, a new kitchen for Christmas I can hardly wait!
I will be posting on that you can be sure!

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Jody said...

Have fun with the kitchen redo! It can be a joy or a headache or both at the same time!! (Ask me how I know!!) Am looking forward to seeing the progress.