Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Matthew's Sleep Mat Quilt

This cute pattern was irresistible, I purchased it a while back along with some alphabet fabric with the intent of sewing it up for young Matthew.
Meantime I found some other cute fabric at Lady Bugz Quilt Shop in Montrose, CO. The shop is very new so no website yet - I need to do a blog on them, I have a lot of pics I took when I went to the spring retreat.
The mat is designed to have velcro straps to roll it up for transporting to another location but I skipped that because I plan that Matthew will use it here.

Here is the finished item- I lined the top with Minkee- because Matthew loves it- both of his baby quilts are backed with this same kind of fabric.

The green fabrics for the top and base of the nap roll came from stash, and I made a scrappy binding I had so little of these fabrics left! The base is padded with a thick layer of batting.
I did make a couple of changes to the pattern, enlarging it considerably, Matthew is in 97 percentile for height already.

I also made a separate removable pillow to slip in and out of the striped pillow cover that is attached to the base of the nap roll, making laundering much easier and drying faster.
I hope that Matthew likes it, he will have an opportunity to use it on Friday so if he sleeps on it I will try to get a picture.

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