Sunday, June 12, 2011

Esperanza's Quilt

We have lovely neighbors. Those on the east side just received their US citizenship on Thursday, hooray for them!
Sweet little Esperanza has a type of debilitating cystic lung disease, she is so very frail and needs a lung transplant. The good news is that she is #1 on the list and leaves for LA this week.
I really wanted her to have something to take along to remind her of those here who love her and are praying for her recovery, both speedy and complete!
So of course I needed to give her a quilt. I looked over what I had that is completed but nothing was the right size [mostly too large for a very petite lady] or just not the right colors. Not having time to make one from scratch I searched through my unquilted tops and this 2010 NYE mystery quilt top, 60"x72", jumped out at me and said "give me to Esperanza"! You know that quilts do that sometimes..........

Off to the LA machine and I quilted it up with a leafy freehand to go with the organic elements of the batik print with the lemons.
I was so sure I had set aside some fabric for binding but thorough searching of my studio failed to bring it to light so I actually purchased a half yard of blue from "Quiltz" to bind it. So now all these fabrics are gone from my stash, justification for the five yards I purchased this week, The cheerful backing too came from stash but I still have a few yards of it, must have bought the whole bolt on sale, LOL!

I will be sad to see my neighbors leaving but our prayers go with them and they hope to return in about three months with a newer, healthier Esperanza!
God bless my friends!


Reddirt Woman said...

I, too, will say a prayer for your friend, Esperanza. She will go knowing that she is loved and will have the quilt to wrap up in and to think of her friends who are praying for her and wishing her safe travels and a safe and healthier return.

Hugs for both you and Esperanza...


gramma2many said...

You are such a kind person. The quilt is wonderful and I know your dear neighbor will cherish it as she wraps herself in it to heal.
I think I remember you posting a picture of it as a quilt top when you finished it. It is beautiful.