Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rita's Quilt

Here is the finished quilt all ready to offer some comfort I hope to a lovely lady.
In case you don't recognize my odd arrangement of the blocks this is actually the BQ2 pattern!
It was an experimental setting that really didn't impress me but I didn't have the mojo to unpick and re-sew, 'nuff said 'bout that!
An added border makes a generous lap size to wrap up in, about 65"x75".

During the first couple of steps I made a major booboo in block construction and in the interests of transparency, LOL, I will reveal my "misstep" - I made twenty 6.5" blocks instead of twenty 9.5". What to do? Hmmmm, quilts have lots of seams, they have many small bits sewn together to make larger bits and so on, who is to say one cannot join up the smaller blocks to become bigger blocks?
So I did!
If you zoom on the quilt pic. you may be able to find some of those pieced blocks combined with some that were the correct size in the first place! Good luck though, they blend in very well.
Now if I had not told you would you have ever noticed? Probably not.
It's a quilt.

I love the colors and I quilted it with an all-over folk-art sort of flower resembling the flowers in the Valori Wells focus fabric. The binding was left over from a project about 18 months ago when I made way more double fold bias binding than I needed- would you believe about 12 yards more in fact, and there's enough left of it still to bind one more quilt!

The backing is a cheerful beachy print from Bernina Connection, 75% off and I have yet more of it because I purchased the end of the bolt.
Everything came from stash, happy dance!
Oh, I have to make a label yet!
Andee's Christmas Lights is next on the LA- I am playing with baby Matthew most days this week so quilting takes a bit of a back seat!


Jody said...

Can't tell a thing--looks great to me!

Pat said...

I really like this!

Reddirt Woman said...

Quilting should take a back seat to playing with baby Matthew! And believe me when I say most people wouldn't have a clue that there was any errors at all even with you telling off on yourself. It's a beautiful quilt, my friend.

Hugs and happy playing with Matthew.


Khris said...

This is really lovely Roslyn....well done...hugs Khris