Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Vintage Thingies Thursday

Here it is Thursday again how quickly it comes around. It's true that the time goes faster as we get older-I think it may slow down again as we get really old, like my Dad[ nearly 98] now there's a vintage picture for you, my Dad is really an antique.

Here's a charming reminder of days gone by- this stately old Philco radio I spotted in the local thrift store- the price tag said $25 & they didn't know if it worked, no one had bothered to plug it in.
My oldest DS has my Grandfather's old table top radio but he hasn't been able to find replacement parts for it yet- I remember GF sitting by it listening to the news of the world in the evening, it has the same light colored wood with fabric inserts.
We had a green "plastic" radio when I was in elementary school, it sat on top of the matching green Kelvinator refrigerator! I used to love to listen to the kid's serials after school, my favorite was "Biggles", an action story about a daring adventurer who was always getting himself into dangerous escapades. It was a great way to "zone out" while I performed my daily after school chore-peeling the potatoes for dinner! I did dislike that job, the "spuds" were always from Dad's garden & they were very dirty so my hands ended up as wrinkled as prunes!
The radio in the pic. is about the same size as the first TV I remember, my grandparents had it & it looked similar to the radio but dark wood & the screen must have been all of 8" wide!
Times sure have changed!

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~TAMY 3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

Those neat old radios are getting harder and harder to find in working order!