Monday, June 30, 2008


I got more done today than I thought-I pieced the pink 'cut-up' bargello very quickly & at first I thought I might not even bother to border it-the size is OK, but on second thoughts, it looks a bit unfinished so I guess I'll border with the pink spotted fabric. I then moved on to sash some RW&B blocks donated by Loretta for another QOV -there were 9 of them so I fished around in the QOV box till I located another couple of donated blocks & resewed & resized them to give me 12 blocks, I'm sashing with a blue & will border with red & it will be a nice QOV. I will get a photo added tomorrow. I have one more block that will make a nice label with space for writing.
My red batiks came today, those people at are the best! I am soaking it now to remove excess dye & will dry & iron so I can make the piping tomorrow & get going on construction of Lucas' quilt.
The guys had a great time on the ATV's all the way over Engineer's pass, & they brought pizza for us when they came in tonight.They covered over 70 miles so they were all weary. Button & I only covered a couple of miles this evening on our walk! It is just beautiful with all the wildflowers , such a feast for the eyes. One of the other locals warned me this evening that a mountain lion & cub were seen on the road nearby where we walk- we have to be vigilant, we are after all living smack in the middle of these wild animals' territory. I will be even more cautious about keeping Button very close by, definitely no more skunk chasing for her!
I took a moment to pull out my patriotic fabrics to choose some for the new SB mystery beginning 4th.July-it's appropriate that it should be RW&B. I'm re-thinking using my antique treadle-I sort of gave up when I was unable to figure out the thread path & New Home wouldn't respond to my enquiries about a manual. I need to contact the company again. it's a lovely old machine & it has all sorts of original attachments such as a ruffler with instructions for it's use. The cabinet needs some touch up some TLC-it got very scarred in shipment but the machine itself is in good shape if only I could get it threaded correctly!

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